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Wanting kids to have moms and dads is "dangerous"?

A South Dakota lawmaker actually said that. I'm so bored with this mentality. It's not a gay or straight issue - I once had a straight woman listener tell me on Facebook "Kids don't need dads" to which I replied "How DARE you!" If you know my professional history you know that I have dealt with these people in the past. They are the worst kind of selfish.

No one says you can't raise a child alone - of course you can - but to CHOOSE to do that is selfish. To IGNORE the reality of the unique contribution mothers and fathers bring to parenting is intellectually dishonest. Often these are people who can't keep a marriage together so they want to believe that any family construct is just fine. Do the best you can as a parents, but don't LIE about what is BEST for them.

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